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Time to get wet and wild in Israel with its amazing range of water sports suited for any adventure

What do Israelis do on the weekend? They go to the beach. Why? Because they can. It’s really close and the climate is warm enough kick back and enjoy the beaches nearly all year round.

A vacation to Israel is not complete without a visit to its 4 seas: Red, Dead, Med(iterranean) and Galilee. Each one is completely different, offering a variety of fun activities and unique experiences.

Mediterranean Sea
A great place to get in your exercise with a side of Vitamin D. Go for a swim! Recently open water swimming has become a thing, and why not? Many are participating in 5km and 10km sea marathons. Seriously, who needs a pool..? 

How about boating? Yeah Israel has that too. Yachts and catamarans are a sure way to spend a great day out at sea.

Waves? Try and catch some surf on literally any beach (except for the few with wave breakers). Flat sea? Rent a stand-up paddle (called SUP) get in a total body workout and relax in front of the sunset while floating on the water.

Red Sea
Kite surfing has become huge in Israel. Although popular around the country, the Red Sea has the best gusts of wind and flat surface. A visit here in the south of Israel isn’t complete without observing the marine wildlife, so make sure to go diving, or at least snorkeling.

Dead Sea
The atmosphere here is a lot chiller. Activities include taking a picture of yourself floating on the water reading a newspaper and covering yourself in the infamous therapeutic mud full of skin healing salts. Not the place for extreme since the water in the Dead Sea is too salty to get into your eyes or mouth.

Sea of Galilee
Israel’s freshwater sea, and a great place for motorboats. You’ll see plenty in the water dragging a wakeboarder or a tube behind them. You can do that, or jump some waves with a Jet ski.
If you’re already up north be sure to go with the flow down the Jordan River, just choose your vessel: raft, kayak or tube. The north of Israel is also full of waterfalls and natural pools, always refreshing.


For a country that is more than half desert, Israel sure has plenty of water activities to offer…

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