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Singles in Ramot Menashe Forest

Bicycle tracks

Singles in Ramot Menashe Forest

Geographic region: Ramot Menashe, the north 

A beautiful region that is a southern continuation of the Carmel ridge that overlooks Jezreel valley to the east and contains forested landscapes and even a few springs and pretty corners that few people know. In the winter, you can find in the area fields of cyclamens and amazing blossom combined with running streams and a pastoral, shaded forest that is fun to tour even in the hot summer months.

How to arrive:
Arrival from Yokneam – from Highway 6, exit at Ein Tut Interchange or continue on Highway 70 to Hatishbi Junction. Turn right to Highway 66 and continue to Kibbutz Hazorea, turn right and park in the sandstone parking lot on the left of the fuel station (the 3 Wishes parking lot).

From Megiddo, from Highway 65 turn left at Megiddo Junction to Highway 66 and driver about 12 km to Kibbutz Hazorea. Turn left into the 3 Wishes complex by the gas station.


Route length: 29 km

Difficulty level: Medium (the singles are smooth without any jumps or drops)

Recommended cycling seasons: Summer, winter, it is advisable to ride more on the white trails but you can also ride most of the time on singles, autumn and spring.

Cycling type: Circular, singles and jeep tracks.

Ascents: 440 meters

Route is suitable for: The route is intended for cyclists with more than a year’s experience in off-road cycling and in good physical shape. The route is not suitable for beginners, children or families.

Technical level: Trails and singles

Physical difficulty level: Medium

Attractions in the area: Every October, the "Emek Circular", race is held in the area, a race held over several distances, from 12 km to 200 km on a circular cross-country route. Long distance cyclists are recommended to participate in the "Afik Israel"  race that is held each year in the Menashe Forests area for three grueling, challenging days in the spirit of Cape Epic, the famous mountain cycling competition from South Africa. The area has many pretty, comfortable guesthouses and guest rooms.

Description of the route:

We depart from the 3 Wishes parking lot at the entrance to Kibbutz Hazorea and ride to a single made of wood on culverts and waterfalls along the calm, shaded Hashofet Stream.

We continue along Hashofet Stream, a perennial stream that begins next to Kibbutz Ein Hashofet and empties into the Kishon River. The vegetation surrounding the stream is rich and diverse and at the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring you can find amazing blossom of cyclamens, anemones, daisies and other plants. In the summer, the raspberry bushes on the stream's edge are laden with fruit. We depart to Emek Hashalom (Peace Valley), which contains the Hashnayim Farm, a place that two Germans from the Lovers of Israel sect and we shall follow the Yoash and Yitzhak single, in memory of the two who fell in the 1920s. 

Further along Hashofet Stream, we shall reach Ein Reihania, a charming corner between the rushes in which you can find waterfalls and a nice, shaded paddling pool. It is advisable to take a short break at the site, enjoy the water, but the Nature Reserves and Parks Authority prohibits entering the water. From there, we take a long ascent on an ancient, paved Roman road towards the abandoned Typhoon water park. We carefully cross the road towards Juara, a historical area that used to be the central training base of the Hagana Organization's commanders. The Hebrew name of the hill is Givat Coach, but everyone refers to it as Juara. We shall ride southward in Ramat Menashe, and try out the white single, the Carob Single, on the way, which is fast, enjoyable, smooth and passes between carob trees, and some other smooth, enjoyable singles up to the Kibbutzim Monument, in memory of members of the Kibbutz Movement who have fallen in Israel's wars, where we stop for a last rest and of course to look at the amazing view of Jezreel Valley below us.

The way back will lead us to another smooth single and along the shaded forest paths of Wadi Gahar. On the way, we shall stop to enjoy Ein Shulamit and from there we shall cycle back down to the vehicles in the parking lot.


Difficulty - MEDIUM

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