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Mitzpeh Ramon and Makhtesh Cliff Circular

Bicycle tracks

Mitzpeh Ramon and Makhtesh Cliff Circular

Geographic region: Central Har Hanegev

Mitzpeh Ramon, one of Israel’s most pastoral places. A special pearl in the middle of the desert. In Mitzpeh Ramon, you can find a combination of countryside and recreation along with extreme sports, in a special desert atmosphere.

Makhtesh Ramon is the world’s largest natural crater and is a magnet for desert tourism in from Israel and elsewhere in the world. The town has an alpaca and llama farm that is the world’s largest of its type.

The cycling sector, which is gaining tremendous momentum in Israel, has led to the opening of a unique cycling hotel.

How to arrive:

One arrives from the northern entrance to Mitpeh Ramon, on Highway 40. The journey starts in the Spice Route Quarter.


Route length: Long route - 32 km. Shourt route - 17 km.

Difficulty level: Long route is of medium and higher difficulty. Short route has easy to medium difficulty level.

Recommended cycling seasons: Winter. It is worth checking on the weather because it may be very cold at the site. Autumn, spring and winter – it is worth checking the temperatures and leaving early in the morning.

Cycling type: Circular, singles and desert tracks.

Ascents: Long route 300 meters cumulative, short route 200 meters cumulatively.

Route is suitable for: The long route for experienced riders, the short route is universal.

Technical level: Medium

Physical difficulty level: Medium.

Family attractions in the area: The star observatory, alpaca farm, desert hotel on the cliff edge with a beautiful view, jeep tours for the whole family.

Description of the route:

32 km full route: We depart from the Spice Route Quarter at the town entrance. The spice Route is an ancient commerce route that was used to transport goods from Petra to the Mediterranean Sea.  The route will pass along the Makhtesh Cliff that overlooks the exciting Ramon Crater, and then we connect to the sculpture park single that contains gigantic stone sculptures and various musical sculptures, continue to the Wadi Hava single, and carefully cross Highway 40. We pass by the Hermits Farm, a special place where people choose to live away from civilization and the everyday bustle to live alone in their own farm in the desert. One can stay overnight at the site as part of the experience.  We ride next to vineyards and Training Base 1, a military base where they train IDF officers, and pass next to the star observatory, which is the largest in Israel, and which can be visited as part of the desert experience. We pass by the alpaca farm and back through the Ramon Crater cliffs and vistas overlooking the crater from Mount Gamal, the cliff promenade and the overhanging platform, the visitors center and Chai Ramon, returning on the town’s paths to the quarter.

17 km short route: We depart from the Spice Route Quarter and take a short cut by passing behind the alpaca farm, connecting to the second part of the long route and ride together about 17 km of easy to medium cycling.


Difficulty - MEDIUM

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