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Desert Challenge


Desert Challenge

Sports sun and fun in the Veridis Desert Challenge Festival, the largest and longest-running outdoor sport festival in Israel.

Photo by: Shvoong

There is nothing more thrilling than sleeping outdoors, beneath a glorious star-filled sky, especially when combined with Israel’s biggest and most unique biking and running festival.

The Veridis Desert Challenge Festival lasts for a full weekend, beginning on Friday and ending on Saturday afternoon. Each year, thousands of athletes head towards the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, to join in a unique opportunity to bike through the enchanting desert landscapes in an enjoyable competition combined with a fair devoted entirely to biking and running.

Photo by: Shvoong

Both one-day and two-day options are offered and participants can ride alone or with a partner. There is a short marathon and a longer one. Most riders will find a track that suits their fitness level and athletic capabilities

The festival's vision is to gather sport enthusiasts at various levels and their families for a weekend outside their daily routine, filled with activities & experiences, suitable for a wide range of age groups and athletic abilities.

Photo by: Shvoong

The race begins at the Nahal Zohar estuary and offers riders plenty of options. All terrain-loving bicycle riders will be sure to find the perfect track

So have a weekend for yourselves, or bring your family and friends, build your own program of competitions and fun events.

Come take part in the largest outdoor sport festival in Israel

Photo by: Shvoong

You can also contact us via phone or text at 052-6673151, Sun-Thu 10:00-17:00.

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