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From stunning nature trails to exciting urban lanes, Israel – what a ride.  

Bring your bike, or rent one in Israel - because if you love the thrill of cycling, you will love cycling in Israel. There's something for everyone - miles of easy, safe and family-friendly biking in Tel Aviv- Jaffa; the north-south, modular Israel Bike Trail with trails that take you through the very heart of the country; With warm winters and challenging trails, Israel is the place to "get on your bike!"


From urban biking to rural trail blazing, cycling in Israel has become one of the favorite leisure activities as well as an extremely trendy way to keep fit. Israel offers a huge choice of cycling options ranging from north to south and huge resources have been invested over the past decade to create a wide array of accessible paths and trails along the country for the biking population.


Cycling is without a doubt one of the best means for tourists new to the country explore discover everything it has to offer. Due to the popularity of cycling in the country, thousands of kilometers of trails have been marked all over Israel, where the stunning scenery, nature and rugged terrain can be viewed close up. Cycling in the north and south of the country is an exhilarating experience where in addition to the thrill of the challenging and fun trails, the everchanging views ranging from green mountains and valleys to the arrived and awe-inspiring desert vistas.


For getting to know Tel Aviv, urban cycling is the way to go. To support this much loved and environment friendly means of transport, lanes have been created alongside main roads offering a safe passage for 2 wheelers.

Tel Aviv also offers a designated bicycle rental service called ‘Tel Ofan’ which allows for on the spot bike hire and drop off from dozens of spots around the city.

So whether you’re a novice biker or a seasoned cyclist, a city slicker or nature lover, just get on down and get on you’re bike in Israel. You’re guranteed the ride of you’re life.  






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