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Cycle tour in Western Galilee - Yechiam single and Cabri single

Bicycle tracks

Cycle tour in Western Galilee - Yechiam single and Cabri single

Geographic region: Western Galilee, east of Nahariya

Western Galilee runs from Rosh Hannikra to the north to the Beit Netofa Valley to the south, and has a diverse landscape consisting of the shore, high hills, streams and natural woodland. Everything is blossoming and green in the spring months.

This expansive area hosts an enormous range of attractions, particularly for people who like challenging sports, from diverse cycle routes, triathlons, swims of various lengths, foot tours in natural woodland and water sources, along with historical stories from the times of foundation of the State of Israel and the War of Independence.  The whole area is filled with comforting guest houses in the surrounding moshav settlements. 

How to arrive: The routes start from the Hashayara (column) parking lot, half a kilometer from Kabri Junction, on Highway 70.

The route:

Route length: There are three cycling options:

Kabri single: 15 km, about 250 meters cumulative climb

Yechiam single: 27 km, about 400 meters cumulative climb

Yechiam and Kabri combined: 42 km 

Difficulty level: Medium

Recommended cycling seasons: Summer, autumn, spring, in the winter it is advisable to check on rainfall before departing, as the route may be muddy and slippery, and if the Gaaton River is flowing, the culvert on the river cannot be crossed.

Cycling type: Circular, trails and singles running in forests and natural woodland.

Ascents: Kabri single only approximately 250 meters cumulative climb. Yechiam single only approximately 400 meters  

Route is suitable for: Suitable for experienced cyclists

Technical level: Medium

Physical difficulty level: Medium

Family attractions in the area: The Achziv swim that is held each year in March (it is worth checking to make sure) from the Banana Beach in Achziv to a range of distances, rental of bicycles and tour routes for the whole family in the Nahariya area, visit to the impressive caves in Rosh Hanikra, traditional Druze hosting in Jat, a learning center on making olive oil and hands on workshops, a visit to a local beer brewery. 

Description of the Yechiam single route:

The Kabri and Yechiam routes are both started from the Hashayara parking lot, a parking lot in memory of the Yechiam column that departed from Nahariya for Kibbutz Yechiam on March 27, 1948, in Israel’s War of Independence, which was attacked en route, resulting in 47 soldiers being killed. Today, the remains of the armored vehicles from that incident may be seen.

The cycling begins on a convenient jeep trail along Wadi Gaaton. At a certain stage, one enters the river bed and rides along it, and as one progresses the landscape becomes prettier. One crosses a culvert and passes the Gaaton ruins, a place that was owned by a rich Lebanese family. After the rain, there are running springs at this site. You climb up a difficult stretch that passes on a trail of arbutus trees, which have a brown-reddish trunk and blossom in the spring with crème colored blossom, which and are the subject of many popular legends. At the end of the climb, it is advisable to stop to enjoy the unique landscape and surrounding woodland.

The route combines white paths and four pretty, challenging and enjoyable single stretches.

Difficulty - MEDIUM

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