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Beeri Single first official cycling

Bicycle tracks

Beeri Single first official cycling

The first official cycling single in Israel and in the winter everything fills up with red beds of anemones. A smooth, enjoyable single that is suitable for all cycling levels due to the variety of its route. 

The Be'eri Single is the first single that was officially marked in Israel, thus beginning the revolution of marking of cycle trails nationwide. 

It is not called the "cyclists' amusement park" by local cyclists for nothing, for it is enjoyable, smooth and introduces the cyclist to fun elements of climbs, descents and "basins" of different sizes. 

The route is 24 km long, but in recent years, a team of devoted people have been working hard to open more and more trails and additions, not just to prevent boredom. 

The route is negotiable on rainy days too, while other places in the country are too muddy to ride through. Even people who are not fit or who are just starting to cycle can enjoy the route itself and its many trails. One can enter the single itself from many different crossing points, meaning that you do not have to perform all of it and whoever wants to can also take a shortcut back to the start point from many points.

The single is marked throughout its way and is very easy to get one's bearings along it. There are many recommended points for stopping, looking at the view, sites and historical buildings.

In 2011, the Jewish National Fund inaugurated three family cycling routes that are marked with three colors: The blue route and the green route: Each is about 9 km long and is suitable for families and children. The orange route is 9 km long and is more challenging, being suitable for experienced cyclists.

Besides the anemone tours and historical sites, the Be'eri Single hosts each year cyclists from the Be'eri mountain bike marathon that is held in March when the area is full of anemones and rich blossom. It is advisable to get updates on the full details on the website of the  Israel Cycling Federation 

How to arrive:

Drive from the north via Highway 4 to Yad Mordechai Junction, turn left to Highway 34 towards Sderot, at Sha'ar Hanegev junction turn right on Road 2323 towards Sa'ad Junction, where you turn left to Highway 25 and immediately right to Road 232 towards Alumim and Be'eri.
From Be'er Sheva - drive on Highway 25 to before Sa'ad; there turn left to Highway 25 to Alumim and Be'eri.


Route length: About 28 km (the single may be extended), family route 14 km.

Recommended cycling seasons: Winter, summer, autumn, spring, primarily in February-March during the Red South festival and anemone blossoming.

Cycling type: Circular, singles

Ascents: About 270 meters cumulative.

Route is suitable for: Suitable for beginners and families too (but requires previous experience in off-road cycling and physical fitness)

Technical level: Light - medium, singles are smooth but require basic technical knowledge.

Physical difficulty level: Medium / difficult, depending on the route chosen and the cycling speed.

Family attractions in the area: Besides the smooth, enjoyable single, you can find many activities for the whole family in the region. An ostrich farm, visiting an agricultural farm, honey making, a maze made of herbal plants, hot air ballooning and many other family activities. It is advisable to visit in the spring months when the Red South Festival is held. There are many guest rooms in the area.

Description of the route:

Route of about 28 km:

Start from the bicycle store parking lot at the entrance to Kibbutz Be'eri. You can acquire a schematic map at the store or use the attached GPS file for navigation. The whole single is marked with signs from beginning to end. It is advisable to pause along the trail at the pretty vistas, visit the sulfur mines where one can still smell the brimstone in the air. If you come during the anemone blossoming in February and March, stop by the trail and take pictures with this special natural phenomenon, featuring great fields of red anemones that look like one big carpet. The single itself is very enjoyable and runs smoothly. 

9 km family route: 

The Be’eri single is marked with signs in three colors: blue, green and orange, each color indicating a different route.

The three routes are intended for families and are about 9 km long. The red route is intended for skilled cyclists. If you are unsure of which route to choose, it is always advisable to consult the store by the entrance to the kibbutz and to get a map and an explanation on orientation in the single and how to read the signs correctly.

The route is easy and mostly flat and can be ridden using with a tandem, child trailer, infant trailer or a bike with a child seat. You can combine routes to extend the ride too.



Difficulty - MEDIUM

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