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Agur Race


Agur Race

Running for the Grey Crane

Agmon Hachula is a rare ecological site, where over half a million migrating seabirds, birds of prey and songbirds pass over its skies twice a year, giving its many visitors and bird lovers a chance to watch the birds up close in their natural environment.

Over the recent decades, the Agmon has become an important layover and wintering site for the Grey Crane, with some 30-40 thousand staying to winter in the Agmon.

Since 1999 many organizations have joined together to create a unique project designed to preserve the Agmon as a habitat and central migration point for the Grey Crane.

The Crane Race is a half marathon length fundraiser to help the Grey Crane. The race is held duting the winter on a paved route featuring beautiful scenery and optimal conditions for personal achievements.

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