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SEAT Pro Netanya

SEAT Pro Netanya

SEAT Pro Netanya is returning for a second year and this time it’s more epic than ever!

Taking place on the beautiful Kontiki Beach in the welcoming seaside city of Natanya which lies at the shores of the Mediterranean, SEAT Pro Netanya is Israel’s main surfing event and a joy for surfers and surfing fans from around the world.


SEAT Pro Netanya hosts the QS1500 of the WSL and the 1st prize winner receives an impressive cash prize of 25,000$!!

Around 96 surfers from around the world are set to take part in the competition, vying for their chance in the professional circuit.

The waiting period of the competition is in fact an attraction all to itself, with an amazing full style celebration taking place throughout, with events on the beach and across the city, special shows, and a surfing expo of the leading international surf companies.


Kontiki Beach

 Kontiki beach (Sironit, as it is known in Hebrew), is located next to Natanya’s northern  breakwater as part of a beautiful stretch of beach which spans 21KM.

The beach is known for breaking to the left and right while during the winter it is known for its fragile pipes and strong waves.

The breakwater that crosses the coast causes a unique break. The combination of the constant flow of sands to the beach and breakwater create the unique wave on the spot.

During winter storms, when the waves are high, Sironit beach ("The Middle") is the favorite spot for local surfers.



Surfing bay #2

Seat pro Natanya opens with a bang in an epic surfing festival, an expo bringing together the best of Israeli Surfing as well as world famous surfing companies and organizations.

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Special Deals


6 nights - 4 Jerusalem / 2 Tel-aviv  - BB + 1 dinner


Package deal includes flights +4 nights in Tel Aviv per person.


Package deal includes flights +4 nights in Jerusalem per person.

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