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The Red Sea SwimCup

The Red Sea SwimCup

Join the only winter open sea swim race in the northern hemisphere - set against the stunning backdrop of the renowned Red Sea

The Gulf of Eilat, on the northern tip of the Red Sea, is world famous as the premier open-water sea swimming venue on the planet.

Situated at the southernmost point in Israel, the red sea stretches along the stunning shore of the city of Eilat, Israel’s famous resort city drawing nearly 2.8 million visitors a year who come to vacation by the shores of the stunning red sea.

Traditionally, a day after ISRAMAN-GARMIN, Eilat’s world renowned Iron Man Competition is the launch of the Red Sea SwimCup.

The Red Sea SwimCup is the only winter open sea swim race in the northern hemisphere, Possibly due to the year-round pleasant temperature in the Gulf of Eilat (21 degrees centigrade – 70 degrees Fahrenheit).

Eilat and its surroundings provide the ultimate backdrop for an unforgettable swim in the calm deep-blue waters surrounded by regal red mountains and boasting enchanting sunrises and breathtaking sunsets.

The Red Sea SwimCup offers a range of options from swimmers including competitive and non-competitive swims as well as short fun/family swim.

So come take part in the exhilarating The Red Sea SwimCup event and race against elite swimmers, enjoy a long distance watery meditation, recover after ISRAMAN-GARMIN, or simply have a fun swim with friends or family – the Red Sea Swim Cup has it all.


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Special Deals


6 nights - 4 Jerusalem / 2 Tel-aviv  - BB + 1 dinner


Package deal includes flights +4 nights in Tel Aviv per person.


Package deal includes flights +4 nights in Jerusalem per person.

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