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Bicycle tracks

04 Apr

Giro D’Italia, the second most Important bike race in the world, second only to the Tour De France is coming to Israel for the first time. The race will be launched from Israel on May 4th, just in time for Israel’s 70th Independence Day Celebrations.

07 Dec

There is nothing more thrilling than sleeping outdoors, beneath a glorious star-filled sky, especially when combined with Israel’s biggest and most unique biking and running festival. This event lasts for a full weekend, beginning on Friday and ending on Saturday afternoon. Each year, thousands of athletes head towards the Dead Sea, the lowest place in the world, to join in the annual biking and running event known as the Desert Challenge. This event offers athletes a unique opportunity to bike through the enchanting desert landscapes in an enjoyable competition combined with a fair devoted entirely to biking and running.

Both one-day and two-day options are offered and participants can ride alone or with a partner. There is a short marathon and a longer one. Most riders will find a track that suits their fitness level and athletic capabilities

The race begins at the Nahal Zohar estuary and offers riders plenty of options. All terrain-loving bicycle riders will be sure to find the perfect track

So have a weekend for yourselves, or bring your family and friends, build your own program of competitions and fun events.

Come take part in the largest outdoor sport festival in Israel

Bicycle tracks

Jerusalem, Israel's capital, is a charming, idyllic destination for all visitors. The combination of modern living and the holy Christian, Jewish and Muslim sites make this a unique city, unlike any other. There is nothing more enjoyable that exploring the city on foot, which is why the Circle Jerusalem trail is the perfect way to discover the heritage, culture and history of the city. The trail passes by some of Jerusalem's most important and well-known monuments and offers an excellent opportunity to experience nature, history and fresh mountain air.

04 Oct

Epic Israel is a MTB stage race designated for mountain bike riders that love the hours on the saddle, the spectacular views of nature and challenged by the long routes. Riders cover between 90-120 km a day with between 1500-2400 m climbing, on a marathon route which is both varied and exhilarating.

Epic Israel also offers a one day marathon in 3 distances – short, medium and long. This exciting one day marathon event takes place on the last day of the 3 day tour and together with the new runners, their families and supporters, brings Epic Israel to heights of joy fulfillment.

23 Mar

The ideal weather conditions of Israel’s mild winter and the spectacular desert landscapes of this unique area provide a fantastic road riding experience.

The Gran Fondo takes riders through the traditional circuit beginning and ending at the Ein Bokek Dead Sea Hotel Resort. The 155-km-long circuit includes 1,873 meters of vertical climbing and passes through the beautiful and scenic Dead Sea valley.

Bicycle tracks

Just 10 minutes drive north of Eilat, in the place where copper was mined and between the red rocks with their interesting curves, passes a challenging, enjoyable desert single

Bicycle tracks

A small nature reserve in the northern Negev Desert, near Ma'achaz Interchange on the Kiryat Gat - Beit Kama road. The reserve has rich, unique blossom in February and March and a smooth, enjoyable single.

Bicycle tracks

A desert trip that combines the most beautiful points around Kibbutz Sde Boker, Halukim Ridge and of course the famous giant acacia

Bicycle tracks

Every November, Israel's largest cycle tour around the Sea of Galilee (Kineret) is held. The route will be held this year in its 38th edition and this is undoubtedly a traditional event that attracts tens of thousands of cyclists, from little ones to large, experienced ones.

Bicycle tracks

A magical desert experience, riding along a beautiful, meandering stream, climbing Mount Sdom and looking from it towards the Moab Mountains, Jordan and the Dead Sea. A smooth, enjoyable route

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