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Timna Single

Bicycle tracks

Timna Single

Geographic region: Southern Negev

Timna Park contains an abundance of possibilities and attractions, from a fascinating history of copper mining in ancient times to geological phenomena such as the mushroom and exciting rock formations formed by wind, water and time. The park covers 60 square kilometers. Mobility to the area is easy, using a convenient network of roads and trails and great direction signs. 

Timna Valley has diverse rocks that contain minerals such as copper, iron, manganese and more, and therefore the soil at the site has special shades of red. 

A beautiful cycling single that has been invested in by the Jewish National Fund.

How to arrive: Timna Park is 20 km from the town of Eilat, off Highway 90.


Route length: About 14 km

Difficulty level: Medium

Recommended cycling season: Winter, autumn and spring. The site is very hot in the summer.

Cycling type: Circular, singles, trails

Ascents: About 250 meters cumulative

Route is suitable for: Experienced cyclists

Technical level: Medium. Not suitable for families.

Physical difficulty level: Medium

Attractions in the area: Timna is very close to the town of Eilat that has very high standard hotels on the seafront with marine sport, an undersea observatory, many diverse options for diving and many tour routes in the vicinity. 

Description of the route:

Departure is from Timna Lake towards Solomon’s Pillars, turning left towards the pillars. At the western end of Solomon’s Pillars, we join the first single stretch. After 1.5 km, we reach the road and turn right, cycling about 600 meters up to the junction leading to the mushroom, which is a natural red sandstone rock that has been shaped over the years by the wind and rain into a very impressive mushroom shape. 

It is advisable to put your bike down and enter the visitors’ center, where one can get explanations on how copper was extracted in ancient times, and it is recommended to descend too.

The path climbs and continues to an exciting vista overlooking Timna Valley with a view of the entire area. We continue on a single towards a region known as “landscape heaven”, not far from Slaves’ Hill, the place where the copper was extracted, and today a site for archeological discussions and discoveries on whether the miners were slaves or higher class workers on the account of their knowledge of copper extraction. History does not tell us this. We continue the single until we come to the southern part of the park and the vista overlooking Timna’s modern mines. We go back to the parking lot at the lake. 

Difficulty - MEDIUM

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