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Run in Tel Aviv, from Metzitzim Beach to Neve Tzedek

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Run in Tel Aviv, from Metzitzim Beach to Neve Tzedek

Tel Aviv is a non-stop city, as everyone refers to it. Its vibrant nightlife and cultural richness has brought a sporting culture into the town too. The following route combines tastes of Tel Aviv’s beauty, the sea, the promenade, the vibrant atmosphere, the crowded cafes and also a small touch of nearby Yaffo and its fishermen’s port. If you are looking for a route that within a one hour span offers culture, fun and history combined, this is one of the perfect routes to take. The route will show you the city’s best scenes and cites and through it you can experience the dynamic, special character of Tel Aviv, Israel’s most colorful city.

The character of the route: The route is completely flat, partly shaded and is suitable for runners of all levels, ages and genders.

The beginning of the route and waypoints: The route begins at Metzitzim Beach, named after a famous Israeli film that was shot in 1972, continues through the ancient gates of the renovated Yaffo Port and ends after departing from the Neve Tzedek neighborhood in which the first Jews who left Yaffo in 1887 lived. 

Recommended running hours: winter, spring and autumn. In the summer, early in the morning with sunrise, or at sunset, when the sun is calmer and the heat and crowds are less of a challenge. 

How to best arrive: If you arrive on foot, great, even better. If you arrive by vehicle, park in one of the parking lots or spaces in the beach area.

Drinking points: There are plenty along the route.

Departures: We start the run from the area of the changing rooms at Metzitim Beach, where we started our stopwatch.

First km - Metzitim - Gordon Beach

The run begins on a paving stone route, and after a few hundred meters at the Hilton Beach, these are replaced by smooth, broad asphalt. The route is flat and easy, and if you are suddenly attacked by pangs of hunger, just pay attention to the sign before the Gordon Swimming Pool, which allows you to refresh with a good ice cream. Pay attention to the many cyclists around you who are also using the route.

Second km - Gordon Beach - Frishman Beach

If you feel like having a gulp, the first water fountain on our route is on the right, by the Gordon swimming pool. Drink, freshen up and let’s continue our route. At km 1.4 we shall encounter a slight, negligible slope. If your pre-run warmup includes an active workout, you can do some leg muscle strengthening exercises on the concrete benches when we ascend to the Frishman Promenade, about 1.5 km after the starting point. Don’t be surprised if you become the center of attention in the crowded promenade though.

Third km - Bugrashov Beach, Jerusalem Beach, Aviv Beach

In the summer, this part of the promenade is filled with colorful sporting events that call for passersby to join in the festivities. If you encounter such an event, joining in is recommended. The run on the promenade is an electrifying experience:  Music erupts form the loudspeakers everywhere, colorful athletes like you overtake and are overtaken everywhere, and the pace increases subconsciously with the “noise”. Just don’t forget to look at the sea. On your right, at km 2.5, opposite the Abulafia Restaurant, there is a water fountain that can accommodate up to four drinkers at once. 

Fourth km – Dolphinarium, Charles Clore Park.

When you pass the Dolphinarium complex, on your right you can descend to a path that runs along the waterline. The view here is beautiful and you cannot miss the minarets of Yaffo that rise up ahead. The wind at sunset is comforting and pleasant and quickly dries up sweat. People with tender knees should take note – you can run on the parallel lawns of Clore Park on this stretch, making the run more springy and green.

Fifth km – edge of Yaffo Port

Just before entering Yaffo, we reach Clore Beach, one of the only ones in the area without breakwaters. A quick climb on a wooden bridge and you can inhale ancient Yaffo (Jaffa), which mixes with the sour smell of our own sweat. Shortly before curving to the right into Ratzif Ha’aliya Hashniya Street, there are steps that descend to a sand strip. We stop there to take a breather and a quick stair training session. 

Sixth km – Yaffo Port, Andromeda

Entering Yaffo changes the running atmosphere completely. The transition from a sea run to an ancient, paved urban area, awakens the senses and recharges the body with new energies. We shall descent right away to a wooden platform that pleasantly redirects the vibrations back to us, softening the run, and on the right there is the old boat dock and on the left trendy galleries in the heart of ancient stone buildings. Imagine that you are running far back in time, during the days of the powerful Ottoman rulers.

At km 5.5, turn left towards Andromeda Hill, a prestigious residential neighborhood above Yaffo Port. The neighborhood is named after the Andromeda Rock from Greek mythology. This is the first and only ascent challenge of the route, so don’t worry. This ascent is not steep and is only a few hundred meters. Run with the climb as it curves in Yehuda Hayamit Street, circumnavigating Yaffo’s old Jewish cemetery. The descent to Yeffet Street will follow it immediately giving air to your lungs.

Seventh km – Yeffet Street, the New Saraya

Turn left into Yeffet Street and go down with the Scottish and French School on your right. If you suddenly become hungry or thirsty again, this is an excellent opportunity to stop at one of the bakeries near the money changers’ alley. Caution, the scents are addictive and may impair your running. Recommendation - be strong and carry on. After the descent, and after passing the Saraya Building in which the Turkish governor resided, continue to Nachum Goldman Street. At this point, we shall go back to Tel Aviv’s lively cityscape.

Eighth km – Goldman Street, Neve Tzedek

We continue straight to Nachum Goldman Street, until it curves to the right connecting to Yechezkel Kaufman Street. We run on the pavement, and this may be the most boring part of the run. Don’t worry, we turn right into Hamered Street and right again into Shmerling Street, and we are in the vibrant Neve Tzedek neighborhood. This is the first official Jewish neighborhood outside the walls of Yaffo, founded in 1887. The change in atmosphere is immediately evident. The area is packed with old houses, pretty corners and picturesque cafes. The run has a slight slope and eucalyptus trees alongside narrow alleys casting shade and a new feeling of tranquility. 

9th km – Shabazi, Herbert Samuel Streets 

After enjoying the unique, calm run in Neve Tzedek, it’s time to go back to Tel Aviv’s noise and bustle. At the junction of Shabazi and Yehoshua Hatalmi Streets, we turn left (Neve Tzedek Restaurant) and after a few dozen meters left again into Yitzhak Elhanan Street. The pace picks up and there is a feeling of running downhill. Maybe because we are going down to the beach again, and maybe because the end is approaching.  A quick right into Hakovshim Street, left into Hanania, and we are back where things are happening, near the hot promenade.

Tenth and last km

The descent back to the beach area gives us new strength and develops our appetite for a quick run each time. The combination of many people and the knowledge that the end is approaching restores our energies. If you have the energy left, go for it, you won’t regret it. 

The route (10 km) ends about two km before Metzitzim Beach, which leaves you time for quality stretching, with a refreshing walk in a unique part of the country. 

Difficulty - EASY

Tel Aviv Area
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