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Jerusalem Circular biking trail

Bicycle tracks

Jerusalem Circular biking trail

Jerusalem, Israel's capital, is a charming, idyllic destination for all visitors. The combination of modern living and the holy Christian, Jewish and Muslim sites make this a unique city, unlike any other. There is nothing more enjoyable that exploring the city on foot, which is why the Circle Jerusalem trail is the perfect way to discover the heritage, culture and history of the city. The trail passes by some of Jerusalem's most important and well-known monuments and offers an excellent opportunity to experience nature, history and fresh mountain air.

Region: Central Israel

Starting point: Jerusalem First Station


Length: Approximately 50 km

Difficulty: Medium

Recommended seasons: Autumn, spring, summer, winter. Check weather forecasts before riding.

Trail: Circular

Inclines: Total of approximately 800 meters

Recommended for: Physically fit riders capable for covering the distance

Technical difficulty: Easy

Physical challenge: Medium, for fit riders.

Nearby attractions: The Jerusalem First Station offers a variety of attractions and shopping and recreational opportunities. Each week, yoga, Pilates, Zumba and other classes are given at the station. Bikes can be rented on site. Also available – activities and arts & crafts for children.


The route begins at the First Station. This historical train station was first inaugurated in 1892 as the end-point of the Jaffa-Jerusalem railway; the first in the land. Today, the station is a recreational-cultural center that features cafes, restaurants and unique shops. Take the biking trail towards Sultan's Pool, a reservoir built by Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I in 1536 that has been converted into a modern, outdoor theater used for large cultural events. Pass David's Citadel, one of Jerusalem's most familiar landmarks. This citadel was used to defend the city for thousands of years. Continue past Jaffa Gate, one of the eight gates leading into the Old City of Jerusalem, and then pass Damascus Gate. The route will take you past the Israel Police National Headquarters, which houses the offices of the police commissioner and the highest ranking officers in the police force.

When you reach Nahal Tzofim, you'll leave the trails and roads that you've been following so far and continue riding on a designated biking path. Ride through Arazim Valley, mistakenly named for the cypress trees growing there, identified by the first residents of the area as cedars (arazim, in Hebrew). The path continues past the Beit Zayit reservoir, a man-made pond near a village bearing the same name. Begin the ascent towards Hadassah University Hospital and ride to the Saadim ruins near Kennedy Memorial where you'll find the remnants of a Byzantine farm, complete with an olive press and ancient mosque. Some of Israel's most ancient trees are located here, as Muslim faith forbids cutting down trees at holy sites such as mosques or the graves of sheiks. Don't miss the enormous, impressive, ancient carob tree. The route back to the First Station passes by Ein Lavan, a flowing spring above the northern bank of Nahal Refaim surrounded by fig, walnut, olive and terebinth trees. The spring flows from a carved tunnel and has become a popular natural pool frequented by hikers. The name of the spring (lit. the White Spring), comes from the color of the stone on the mountain ridge through which it flows. The trail continues past the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, featuring a zoological collection of regional wildlife, many of which are mentioned in the bible. The Biblical Zoo attracts tourists from Israel and abroad alike. Follow the bike path back to the First Station, past the German Colony built by the Templars in 1873.

Difficulty - EASY

Jerusalem Area
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